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'12 - '13 Exec Team

Tamer Shabani



Mesgana Asmelash
 Vice-President of Media


Mesgana is a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering. She is Eritrean but was born and raised in Kenya. In the future, she hopes to settle in Africa and share the skills and knowledge she has acquired to make a positive difference in the community

Luca Poole
 Vice-President of Campus Relations


I was born and raised on the southern most tip of Africa in Cape Town, South Africa where I lived till the age of 18. After finishing high school, I moved with my family to California almost four years ago. I transferred to Stanford last year and am currently a senior pursuing a psychology major with a focus in health and development. I feel passionate about women empowerment and education, and I look forward to returning to South Africa to work in these fields.

I am happiest when in South Africa, surrounded by the warmth of its people and the beautiful surroundings of the Cape. I feel incredibly blessed to have been born on the red soil of Africa and feel equally blessed to be at Stanford. As a result, I would love to give back both to Africa and Stanford by being a part of the SASA exec team.

David Hoyt
 Vice-President of Finance


Born in New York City, David grew up in NJ. A transfer student from community college to Stanford in 2010, David is a senior majoring in International Relations and studied abroad in China and Washington while working at The White House. Introduced in his first year to the SASA cultural show, David became fascinated with Africa and decided to become a member of SASA

Vaeme Afokpa
 Vice-President of Public Relations
Mark Koskei


Mark is a junior majoring in Economics. He is originally from Kenya and enjoys sharing his culture with the greater Stanford community and exploring other cultures. He hopes to enhance the sense of community among SASA members.

Sankei Billy
 Vice-President of Service


Born  and raised in the great Mara plains, Rift Valley Kenya, I am an alumni of Alliance High School, KenSAP and the Outward Bound Pinaccle Scholarship Program. I am a possible Management Science and Engineering major with a computer science minor.


I love the essence of being African and the identity of my culture in my life. To me, Africa as a home calls for entreprenuership and pursuit of opportunity in a way no place on earthdoes at the moment. The never say die spirit of people of the African continent pushes me to new limits as I wake up day-in-day-out to new conquests aligning Africa to take its place in the new world.


Serving and interacting with the few lucky that represent the millions back home here at Stanford through SASA makes me the more motivated for new adventures beyond the class room.

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